A brief hiatus

So I have not posted anything in an entire week, and I figured I’d explain why.

I went on vacation! To Disney World! We left on Monday at 1 in the afternoon (1300 hours), arrived on Tuesday at 7 in the morning (traffic is terrible and we ran into it; plus stops and such) and we stayed until Saturday, when we left in the morning for Daytona Beach, and then left from there in the afternoon to arrive here at 5 in the morning!

It was fun! Wednesday we went to Animal Kingdom, Thursday was Magic Kingdom, and Friday was Hollywood Studios, so I didn’t really have much time to make blog posts. But I am back now, and unfortunately, I have a Boy Scout campout from tomorrow to Saturday so I won’t be able to write for a while. But! In the time I was out a lot of thoughts came to me that I really felt like I should express. And it wasn’t just the vacation itself; it was the news that happened over the week. The London fire, tensions with Qatar, the shooting of the congressman, the mistrial in the Cosby case, the huge Amazon deal-the ideas are all written down, and I have a lot to say.

This blog is going to be different. I’m saying this now because this week has given me a lot of thought. I have other ways to vent my ideas (Book of Ideas; we’ll talk about that some other time) and I have my amazing girlfriend Caitlyn, to whom I can go on a deeper level. But again there are no observers, and I want to feel like what I have to say isn’t entirely lost. Not because it’s of any value, but because I want my thoughts and ideas to reflect my progress, and I want that stored somewhere. I don’t need validation, but I don’t want to be another empty piece of paper with what could have been written all over it. So I’m going to be leaving advice, personal thoughts, tips, opinions, ideas, critiques, and rants on here to see how this goes.

I won’t be able to write much in the upcoming week, but stay tuned! I’m working on it; currently have a list of 23 topics/ideas, and I’ll get as much done as I can.


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