What is this black square?

So if you look at your browser tab, you may see something that is a black square. And you might ask yourself:

What is this?

With no further ado, here it what it actually is. And maybe I had an ulterior motive of wanting to show off.

As you know, the blog name comes from a quote by Henry David Thoreau: castles in the air are his way of representing ambitions. And I wanted to have a sort of site thumbnail that would go with that; that’s what you see in your tab. For Facebook it’s a blue “F”, Twitter has a little-blue-bird, and I wanted to have a castle. I really liked the way it was represented in the current header for the blog (all rights go to the owner whoever that may be), so I tried stylizing a site logo to represent that.

Let me start by praising gravit.io for a minute here. You see, the best way to make logos is usually with a vector graphics editor, like Adobe Illustrator. I don’t have that money, so I looked online and found a very helpful list from TechRadar which can be found here, explaining some free alternatives. I didn’t want to download something because I’ve never used software like this before, so gravit.io was what I chose to go with because it was online. And let me say that although I do no know the extent to which Adobe Illustrator does things, gravit.io was amazing: it had the basic tools for which to do vector illustrations, seemed relatively easy to use, and had some cool features that I could’ve used if I had known how to use them. That being said, I ended up creating this:

castle Copy

I was super proud of it, but I wanted it to look cooler.


Much better. So I decided to show it off by adding it proudly to the site’s home page, but I realized that readers may think it looks a bit obtrusive.


So if it doesn’t and you like it there let me know on the Contact page, but for the exactly zero of you that were wondering, that is what the black square is.


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